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RIP Chelsea

At the end of October All Creatures Great and Small lost one of our longest-standing treasures, Chelsea. We thought it was the right time, as 2018 draws to a close, to pay tribute to her memory...

Chelsea became a resident at the sanctuary back in the early 90's. She brought a lot of joy to the staff and volunteers, often greeting them with a soft whinny in the mornings. This is something our animal team remember with fondness and will always cherish. 

Chelsea was the matriarch of her group and was extremely motherly to the other ponies. She did have her mischievous moments though, sometimes opening her own stable door and taking herself for a walk! She was around 30 years old when she passed and aside to a few health issues, we'd like to think that we gave her the best life.

In 2019 we will be creating a memorial for Chelsea and burying her ashes here at the sanctuary where she spent many happy times. We know that Chelsea loved running in the fields, with her head held high and the wind in her mane and that is just how we imagined her as she crossed the rainbow bridge 💔🐎🌈

Watch the video tribute HERE.

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