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Snowy & Misty

Snowy & Misty are two lovely cats who are very close, so they are looking for a loving forever-home together.

Misty, the older of the two, is also the more confident, and loves a fuss and a cuddle. Snowy had one eye taken out around three years ago, but it hasn’t affected her abilities or affection. Snowy is a little bit quieter than Misty, and will often look to Misty for confidence. Snowy can be a little nervous of loud noises.

Snowy and Misty have lived with children over 8 years old, so are suitable to be re-homed with older, mature children again. Neither cat has lived with a dog or other small furry so we recommend that they go into a home where they are the only pets.

Age: 4 years old (Misty), 3 & a half (Snowy) years old

Gender: Both Female

Breed: DSH