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Rehome a Rabbit or Small Animal

Browse the rabbits and small animals in our care who are searching for their forever homes!

Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear is a lovely rabbit who would suit a home with experienced adults but can't go with other rabbits.


Theo is a lovely rabbit who enjoys being stroked but does not enjoy being picked up.



Billy is a sweet lop eared cross bunny who is 8 months old.  He has lived on his own but that isn't to say he might like a friend.  He would like some new young humans to play with him and give him the time he deserves.  



Gwendoline is a sweet guinea pig.  She is a youngster, and is already showing a wonderful temperament.  As she settles with her new family, and has more handling, we think she will be amazing.



Christie is the sibling of Gwendoline.  She is very sweet natured and will make a wonderful pet.  Like all guinea pigs, the more time that their new family gives them the better as they love interaction  



Opal is a lovely black and white rabbit who is friendly and used to being regularly handled.  She is looking for a forever family who will enjoy playing with her regularly and making her an important part of their family.  She is quite curious and is happy to be cuddled and played with.

Honey and Buzz

Buzz and Honey have been together since they were babies.  They depend on each other very much and Buzz can be very protective over Honey.  They are both used to being handled and are very sociable rabbits.They have always lived as a pair without any other pets in the household.

Important Re-homing Criteria for Rabbits and Small Animals

  • For a rabbit, the adoption fee is £25.00 (Including neutering and vaccinations).
  • If you would like a rabbit to live with your existing pet, you would need to bring them to the Sanctuary so they can be assessed together.
  • You will need a suitable hutch and a secure run for the rabbit. We will need to see a photograph of your hutch & run before you can take your rabbit home.
  • We do not re-home our rabbits with existing rabbits that are not neutered (unless for medical or exceptional circumstances).

Guinea Pigs cost £15 each and the prospective owner needs to have their own hutch. If a Guinea Pig comes in a pair they will have to both be rehomed together.

Rats cost £10 each, and the owner will have to own a suitable enclosure.

Hamsters cost £5 each, and the owner will have to own a suitable enclosure.


If you would like more information on any of the rabbits available for adoption please contact the Sanctuary on : (01633) 866144