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Rehome Other Animals

We have a variety of other small animals available for rehoming, the price depends on the breed of animal you would like to adopt.

Currently in Need of a Loving Home


McQueen is a chilled out Degu, who is looking for a fun forever-home to call his own!


Mater is a friendly young Degu who is looking for a fun forever-home to call his own!


Daisy is a sweet dwarf hamster, who is unusual as she has a pure white coat and pink eyes!


Benji is a sweet Roborovski hamster who loves hiding in his tunnel and stowing his food away!

Phil and Dan

Phil and Dan are two shy young rat brothers with bags of curiosity and character! 


Freddy is a lovely, calm boar who is looking for a loving home!

Guinea Pigs cost £10 each and the prospective owner needs to have their own hutch. If a Guinea Pig comes in a pair they will have to both be rehomed together.

Degus cost £10 each and the prospective owner must have a suitable large metal cage. (Not a plastic bottomed one as degus love to chew)

Hamsters and Rats both cost £5 each, and the owner will have to own a suitable enclosure.

Ferrets  (on the rare occasion that we have them) cost £35 each and the prospective owner must already have a large enclosure.