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Chelsea & Bandit's story.

Meet Chelsea & Bandit, two valuable members of our team here at All Creatures Great & Small. Both horses are currently a worry for us, as they silently suffer with Cushings disease, a dysfunction of the pituitary gland.

Due to a rotated pedal bone and a rotation of the hoof, Bandit requires frequent visits from the farrier, while Chelsea is dependent on antibiotics and anti inflammatories daily. 

Vet fees alone over the past two months have cost the sanctuary over £1,000! But we believe they are worth every penny.

Could you extend a helping hand to our ponies?

Please help us!

Our equine veterinary bill for September is shown to the left. This amount is a large cost to us, but as we pride ourselves on our high standard of care for our animals, large vet bills like these are regular occurrence. If you can donate towards the cost of one of veterinary treatments for our horses, then please click on the pods below.

If you would rather donate a custom amount. Then please click here.

Vet Visit For Bandit

An appointment for Bandit costs us £19 could you help us cover the costs?

Laboratory Haematology Fee

We also have had to pay two sets of laboratory fees for Chelsea's diagnosis. 

Blood Sample

It can cost us nearly £35 to have a blood sample taken.

Veterinary Examination Bandit

An examination for Bandit costs over £30 a go! Can you help us?

Veterinary Examination Twiggy

It costs us over £30 for our vet to examine Twiggy.

Veterinary Examination Chelsea

A veterinary examination for our Chelsea, can cost over £30.

Biochem Lab Fee

We also have had to pay two sets of laboratory fees for Chelsea's diagnosis. 

Bio Sponge Powder

Chelsea takes a supplement that can cost us £20 a pop.

Bandit Return Check-Up

Bandit's hoof appointments cost us over £33!

Bandit First X-Ray Fee

Bandits initial X-Ray cost us just under £60!

Bandit Second X-Ray Fee

Bandits second X-Ray cost us just over £26!

Bandit X-Ray Interpretation

It cost us just under £60 for a vet to interpret Bandits X-Ray.