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Located in Llanfrechfa, South Wales our sanctuary boasts a nine and a half acre site complete with garden and plant centre, dog walking field, animal enclosures, fully refurbished offices and education suite, a hospital unit and two duck ponds.

Sanctuary Re-Opening

For all our regular visitors you may be wondering why no events have taken place since November 2017.

We have made considerable changes to the location by way of new drainage, a new sewerage treatment plant, new hand washing facilities, new pathways and other much needed upgrades that will make your visit more safe and pleasant. All changes have now been completed and this wonderful animal sanctuary can reopen to the general public for events and visits starting from 12noon on the 18th June 2018.

Please see 'Pre-Visit Health and Safety Information' before your visit.

To download a site map please click here.

We are having a Tea Afternoon here on Saturday 23rd June 2018 between 12noon and 4pm and this will be followed by a number of other events throughout the Summer. 

 Please come and support a wonderful sanctuary that has been open since 1992.

We take in and re-home around 300 animals that come our way every year and, without your support, would have nowhere to go. The shutdown of our sanctuary for over 7 months has made a large financial impact on our organisation having to utilise valuable, financial reserves to complete the work that has been undertaken. On behalf of all the staff, volunteers and trustees, not forgetting our wonderful animals, please come and support us over the coming months so that we can continue the valuable work that we have provided for 26 years, well into the future. 

Thank You and please enjoy your visit.


Resident Animals

There are over 100 resident animals at the sanctuary including; equine, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry and small animals.

Our Medical Team

We have a duty to provide the best possible medical care to all our animals here at the sanctuary.


Check out the regular fundraising events held on and off-site in aid of our sanctuary.